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Peter & Kristin's Factory Five Build Project

UPDATE  (1/23/08)

two car garage animated gif
Home with a garage!

WOW! We now HAVE our garage ... and a home to go with it!  We'd love for you to come visit!!! (And we have a new address - please update your files)

Our account at Factory Five is number 00729619, and we continue, with support from so many of our friends, making deposits for the purchase of our car.

The first parts purchased were by Kristin’s Bridesmaids:  rear view mirrors!

We have been amazed and thrilled at the wide-ranging support for our project from so many friends and family.  It is wonderful that others are sharing the joy of this dream project with us.  We really appreciate everyone's enthusiasm and are already thinking about our cross-country road trip once it's complete!

The next critical steps of our project are:

  • Find our new home with a garage suitable to build a car; DONE
  • Procure a “donor car”; DONE
  • Finish wiring the garage for electricity; DONE
  • Read and re-read the build manual and the Mustang service / disassembly manual; DONE (but will undoubtedly read it yet again!)
  • Disassemble donor car; DONE
  • Attend build school in Michigan; AUG 3-5 DONE
  • Recondition donor parts; DONE
  • Take delivery of our kit; SCHEDULED SEP 27 DONE
  • Start the build !!!

 We’re posting a log of our progress here, and can’t wait to take you for a spin!





Next step is complete!  We purchased our donor off of eBay: a 1989 fastback, down in N.C.  It has a few dents and upholstery tears, but nothing significant for our build.  The engine and drivetrain are in good condition.

Our donor car, Pre-deconstruction!

Purchase tools, and complete the conversion of our garage

The short list:

  • engine hoist

  • jack stands

  • floor jack

We're also beginning to paint the garage floor and insulate for work during the winter months.

Thanks to good folks at Mott, the Seastrunk / Payne family, and several other donors, build school is paid for!

What an awesome experience!  For pictures, click here.

Build School - COMPLETED



The build is underway, and so is an engine rebuild.  We might actually learn something before this is over!

Special thanks to JJ and GiGi for stepping in early to sponsor our fuel for a cross-country "victory lap" of the U.S. to visit you all once the build is complete!