Mardi Gras Parades
Friday Night

7 pm

Krewe of Hermes

Hermes will roll during the Rehearsal Dinner. Peter and his father were members of Hermes for several years.


parade route

Friday Night



Krewe d'Etat

This krewe immediately follows Hermes on Friday night.


11 am

Krewe of Iris

This all women's parade will be the first parade to pass in front of our wedding reception Saturday afternoon. We will have to get past it or through it between the ceremony and the reception.

Look for Erica on Float #2, 2nd stage, top deck, neutral ground side

Look for Diane on the last Float.

Look for Katie on the last float, neutral ground side, lower level in the middle.


12:30 pm


Krewe of Tucks

Tucks rolls right after Iris, is fairly rowdy, including a number of college students. 

Saturday Evening

3:30 pm

Krewe of Endymion

This is the first of the three "super krewes."  It will pass across the street from our dinner Saturday night at the Palace Cafe.  

This is as "big" as Mardi Gras gets!  So, get yourself downtown from the reception ASAP to park and get oriented.  You will definitely not have "too much" time.

If you are leaving downtown after dinner Saturday night, there is one way out of the crowds: through the French Quarter, along Decatur to Esplanade through the French Quarter. A map is your friend. 


11:30 am

Krewe of Thoth


Krewe of Mid-City

Krewe of Tchefuncte


Sunday Night


Krewe of Bacchus

A second "super krewe" with beautiful floats.  The best place to view is uptown might be on St. Charles between Napoleon and Jackson.  Kristin and Peter will be there.  Let us know if you want to find us.

Monday Night Krewe of Orpheus

This is the last of the super krewes and it has rolled since 1994.  Peter rode in this parade every year for its first ten seasons. We will be at the Orpheuscapade ball that night and this will be the first time Peter  gets to actually watch the parade!